About Us

In late 2011, our Founder flipping channels came across Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV show. In the show, Jim Cramer helps his viewers navigate Wall Street buys and sells and gives them the tools to recognize potential opportunities and pitfalls. His combination of financial advice, cartoonish behavior, and on screen antics has made him well known in the trading industry making him a controversial figure. After watching two of his shows, our Founder wondered was it really this easy? He downloaded a 4 hour webinar on day traders. After watching that it seemed easy enough. His thoughts of day trading were put on hold until later in 2012 when he made a trip to New York.

During a walk visiting the various New York attractions he stumbled upon Wall Street. It sparked his interest in trading again. What went on in there? Several weeks later he watched the documentary Floored: Into the Pit. This was the beginning. For the next few years he watched numerous webinars and seminars on technical trading ranging from Fibonacci, Gann, Ehlers, cycle trading, trends, etc. He also read many of the iconic books in the industry. He started with a server and wrote some software to analyze buy and sell algorithms/equations. He used various data models including genetic algorithms, time series, and neural networks. Today the software is still running generating buy and sell signals. It is under continual improvement and will always remain a work in progress.

One of the challenges in creating this system was obtaining affordable stock market data sources. The system during the developmental years did not actively trade but did generate fictitious buy and sell signals. How could a non-generating revenue system justify the large costs in obtaining a reliable historical data source and hence the creation of the marketGrind data engine began. The purpose of the engine was to generate daily data for back testing. After several years of generating reliable intraday and end of day data for consumption by his code, he realized the need to expose this engine to the public. The engine was fast, affordable, reliable, and easy to use.

marketGrind aims to bring all these qualities of this engine to the common everyday trader that is looking for a fast, affordable, reliable, and easy to use market data source to be integrated with their forward and back testing systems and software. The focus is to bring this downloadable stock data to the end user so that they can concentrate on their trading algorithms rather than on data collection. The engine currently provides end of day data (EOD), intraday data, and fundamentals for both current and historical ranges.

The marketGrind data engine is still growing and evolving. The engine collects data from various sources and attempts to correlate and verify the data. Through the engine’s API, users can retrieve the various data types it offers – CSV, XML, and JSON.