The MarketGrind REST API allows you to query data including symbols, end of day, intraday and fundamentals.

Base URL

All URLs referenced in the documentation have the following base:

https://www.marketgrind.com/request?apikey={your apikey}&query={query type}& ...


Authentication is done via apikey. Your apikey can be found under your Account. All requests for data must include your apikey.


Symbol List

https://www.marketgrind.com/request?apikey={your apikey}&query=getsymboldata&format={CSV|JSON|XML}

Get list of symbols

EOD Data

https://www.marketgrind.com/request?apikey={your apikey}&query=geteoddata& ...

Get eod data

Intraday Data

https://www.marketgrind.com/request?apikey={your apikey}&query=getintradaydata& ...

Get intradata data

Historical Fundamental Data

https://www.marketgrind.com/request?apikey={your apikey}&query=getfundamentaldata& ...

Get fundamental data